My pride and joy – 1991 Ford XF Falcon Ute

Everybody has there favorite thing in the world, whether it be a possession, maybe a pet or even a scrumptious dish among other things. mine, is my old school Falcon Ute, a car that my dad and I spent two years rebuilding in our back shed.

We started with this beat up old $1200 Tradies special and set upon getting the car ready for my eighteenth. having to do it on my very small school boys budget was not easy but I am lucky enough to work at an Autobarn which gives me the best employee discount they possibly can!  So together dad and I took this white wreck to a metallic green beast.

I have loved the muscle cars of the 70’s above all else my entire life so when it came to building my first car it was clear where my influence had to come from. this is noticeable from the mild sniffer rake, deep, 15 inch Weld pro stars wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/As (a popular drag racing package from back then). It has a real muscle car feel in the ride comfort and the fact that luxuries are limited, just the way i Like it! If only Victorian P platers where allowed to have V8’s, i would have the whole package!

sure the ute may not be everybodys cup of tea with it’s bright green paint job (you should see it in person on a sunny day, it’s enough to blind you!) and it’s daring style but it attracts a lot of attention which is exactly what i wanted. it was here (see above photo), it’s very first car show, where it won it’s very first trophies. this makes me a very happy boy, to come home with three trophies that recognize all of your hard work is a fantastic honor.

my mates Mateo, Fitzy and jay (left to right) resting after loading the ute with some free MDF.

The road to getting this ute on the road and keeping it there has not been easy but I can see a lot of fun in the future for me and this Falcon.

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed 🙂


One thought on “My pride and joy – 1991 Ford XF Falcon Ute

  1. You and your dad have done an excellent job on that car. Your first car is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
    Love the colour, and the headlight package makes it [and those excellent wheels of course].

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