Historic Walhalla – through my lens

set in the Baw Baw mountain ranges of scenic Victoria Walhalla was once the center of a booming gold mining district.  the towns around it may have changed and modernized with the world around it but Walhalla has retained the Beauty and Heritage that it had when the mining boom ended.

the Town is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and the atmosphere is amazing. Apart from the occasional yell from a camper or the sound of a car the area is extraordinarily peaceful. The incredible thing is, as walhalla was settled in a long winding valley, everything echo’s across the town.

I just loved driving through the narrow roads surrounded by these old hand built walls. can you imagine the people who built them all those years ago?

check out this amazing cash register that can be found in the towns general store, which if you give a donation, allows access to a great museum which shows the towns history with a great display of antiques, facts, displays and old news paper clippings with some must read stories.

Upon this ledge high above the town we found this man playing his Bagpipes. He was the first thing I heard when i stepped out of the car as his awesome tunes were audible throughout the valley. When he noticed that i was sneakily taking photos of him as he played he turned around and posed for me. my Nana Got a real kick outta this guy and loved this photo so im having it blown up and framed for her wall.

Check out this awesome mine entrance.

As a life long old school car enthusiast I could not resist to snap up with awesome yellow XB Falcon ute as it cruised over the bridge.

mmmm rust, Anybody else have a love for rust in the right place or is that just me?

Now how cool Is this? I was down playing around in the stream, experimenting with long exposure water shots when i heard the unmistakable sound of some vintage Metal coming my way. I quickly crossed the stream and ran climbed up the bank, just managing to get this shot but it was so worth it!

theres just something about a ‘danger, keep out’ sign that makes me want to check it out! i will leave you with the rest of these photos, i hope you enjoyed them and if you ever get the chance i recommend you visit Walhalla for yourself. 🙂


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