my camera collection #1 -Kodak Brownie

I recently decided i wanted to extend my love for photography by collecting cool cameras. I Haven’t got many camera’s yet as I have decided that from now on i will only buy them in person rather than the internet unless i really want a specific camera! my collection won’t be full of rare, expensive museum items as i plan to simply buy the ones that take my interest when i find them. Of course i have My Canon Eos 550 D and my gopro hero 3 which I love and do there job more than well, but it’s cameras like this Brownie that are really special.

I found this Kodak SIX 20 BROWNIE D at a local swap meet, i wasn’t planning on buying a camera when i got there as my cash was bookmarked for some cool Car parts, but as soon as i saw this brownie the Patina caught my eye and i had to have it. there were a lot of awesome vintage cameras on his table but something about the rust, roughness and the style of this Kodak was too cool to ignore. I Even payed the full Buyers asking price of $30.

The Brownie was a light, practical, affordable Camera for the time and is said to have actually introduced the idea of the ‘snapshot’ because for the first time people could use they’re cameras just as we do with our compacts today. That idea alone makes this camera even cooler in my mind. the very first Brownie was introduced in Febuary 1900, only cost a $1 was made of cardboard and came with the slogan  “You push the button, we do the rest.”

this particular Brownie was built from 1946 – 57, and my one has the early design on the face plate. they cost $10 to buy and included great features like the easy to use hinged back with a spring catch, pearl grained imitation leather and two viewfinders.

I can’t wait to find out if this beauty still works and show you guys the images i produce with it 🙂


3 thoughts on “my camera collection #1 -Kodak Brownie

  1. wow! Your brownie looks like it had some adventures back in the days! Love how it looks. Certainly adds something to the camera. When I bought mine, there was actually still a film in there from 1949. I tried to develop the film. I was soo curious who had took pictures with the camera in 1949. Unfortunately someone had opened the box before I got it and It had ruined all the pictures.

    • glad you like it! oh wow, it would have been amazing if that film was develop able! just to see some family photos from that period would have been awesome because you can imagine that people would have taken their photos more seriously back then because it wasn’t as easy as today. i would love to see some of the photos my brownie took, it looks very well used

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