Music, sweet music

On the short drive home from work tonight i decided to put on the local radio station. Like a lot of local stations it has a large variety of different shows hosted by the locals. Tonight at 10 just happened to be the time for some awesome 1920s to 1930s tunes. The man hosting the show who I’m guessing was around 70 or 80 by the sound of his voice really new his stuff and was clearly passionate about the great music he was playing. I just thought that it was really cool that we are keeping this music on fm radio, even if it is on an unpopular time of day on an unpopular station. We need to keep the old school music alive, as an eighteen year old who loves music I have constantly found myself disappointed with the direction the majority of popular musicians are taking today. With ‘artists’, and i use that term loosely here, like Miley Cyrus and skrillex on the radio the children of this generation are going to grow up thinking that this is normal, and to me this sucks. I personally hardly consider anything that doesn’t include proper instruments to be music and think anybody who considers them self to be a music lover should Learn to play at least one instrument in they’re life time, i play the bass and love it! Now don’t get me wrong, I actually have a pretty big range of music in my library. My favourites include artists such as ac/dc, Aerosmith,  the who, the beetles, the bee gees, the foo fighters, the black keys, Keith urban and i could go on forever here, but i also have those rare little additions like ‘not giving in’ by rudimental and ‘the sea is rising’ by bliss n eso. These songs despite not passing my instrument test have a certain qaulity about them that i just love, the lyrics are really there strong point along with a killer beat that pulls you in. The thing is, there will always be decent music to be found as long as there are still old school music enthusiasts and poets, and with the knowledge and idols to look up to that we have now, it can only get better. 🙂

me and my thunderbird 🙂


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